About Vincent

Vincent was born and raised in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina until he moved to Alabama at the age of 12 with father and stepmother.

Freebird was started sometime before he moved to Alabama. It was later finished at the age of 16 before graduating High School in the year 2013. The book was later published that year with the help of friend, it didn't have the best of reputation during that time.

The Demon Hunter was started the same night Freebird was finished. The Demon Hunter wasn't finished until the end of 2013. Vincent would go on to live his life until the year of 2017 where he got the motivation to publish The Demon Hunter through CreateSpace with their editing and cover help. Shortly after it's release; Vincent met Onur who helped take his writing the next level with advice, covers and friendship. Together they brought Freebird back from its failed launch. With the help of Crystal Watanabe from Pikkohouse they were able to bring the story back to it's glory.

In March of 2018; Vincent attended the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival as a annual tradition. With the help of the staff and his new friend; Danielle Raver, Vincent was apart of his first book signing. Soon after, he was signed on for more events and began working on his next work; Freebird: The Service.

The Service was published in April 2018 as a free E-book on Smashwords, the novella was edited by Danielle and cover was done by Onur.  

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