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So I have a lot of explaining to do... where do I even begin? A lot happened last year... to everyone, unfortunately. Here's my update:

    I have moved back to North Carolina where I was born. Currently, I live with my new girlfriend; Keri, and her lovely daughter named Emma. Both of them have changed my life and I love them for it. Between living in a new state, being a part of this new family, getting a totally new job, and literally changing my life around, I have been busy.

So let's start with Hope Valley.

     Hope Valley was originally supposed to be a post-apoplectic audio drama created by Elijah Gabriel (My co/writer for Unlucky Charm, we will get to him soon.) then changed by my co/writer Becky Gan and myself. Published by Royal Prose, the not-so comical department of Postal Roach. Becky and I outlined the first season and the start of the second season before coming to hold in early 2020, mostly due to personal and scheduling issues. Effect 2021, Hope Valley has been officially canceled.

     Next up, 3HU$KS, the very funny and complex improv comedy interview-style podcast that I brought to Persephone for an idea I really want to run off. It instantly turned into a hit or at least we thought. The idea was great to start with, working with Persephone Rose and Carlos Ortega who were my co/hosts and creators was insanely fun. Sadly though after about five episodes in, I got super busy elsewhere and so did the guests and crew. Owning up to mistakes I made though like lost audio for episodes. Needless to say, it was a great time! Effect 2021, 3HU$KS has been officially canceled.

     Danson, which is an idea I put together from a dream based on adventures and stories about some IRL friends of mine from high school. I came to H&WM with the concept right after finish co/writing Unlucky Charm. Mike and Tarran were very pleased with the concept and were right away on board. Little did I know that on their end, they just got hired to produce audio for another big-time podcast.

     So while I was busy doing production and promoting Danson, H&WM's spare time got smaller and smaller. To wrap the topic up, Danson is currently "in limbo" as people would say. Season 1 is recorded and halfway put together. I can not be more proud of what the cast has done. I will always cherish them for bringing the story alive. Season 2 is outlined but official scripts have not been finished. Final status: Unkown.

     This brings me to Unlucky Charm, Elijah Gabriel found me on Reddit a few years back when I first became a fan of podcasts. I remember I made a post or comment about my interest in wanting to create and write Audio Dramas. Eli reached out to me about this idea that was turning into Unlucky Charm. From there it grew with Hail & Well Met set to produce and publish the would be Musical Audio-Drama. We were on a roll, so we thought.

    We hit a snag, a pretty serious one. Our music department started to fall apart just as we had got most lines recorded and in line for mixing. Things took a turn for the worse and Unlucky Charm took the back burner just as Danson did. Between the music department hitting a rut and H&WM getting busy with their own stuff, UC was doomed.

    There is a light though, as of 2020.. Eli and I have come to an agreement to revise UC. We spent time last year going through the scripts and removing 75% of the music and keeping the ones we could do. It's currently set as a hybrid genre of the Audio Drama, both musical and non. There is still a lot more work to do so that is all on Unlucky Charm currently. Final Status: Being Rewritten

    Finally, Personalized which is closer to my heart than almost any of them. The interview podcast that I created under the Gravity Undone company was a bit of a dream of mine. Being a fan of some talk show podcasts and radio shows has pushed me to try one of my own.

    We have been releasing episodes for over a year now and I have mixed emotions over this announcement that 2021 will be the end. We have five more episodes to be released later this year and talks of a bonus episode that will wrap everything up. Kicking the season off with Mike Nye from H&WM and ending it with Adam Blanford who you might know from The Insomnia Project or Y2K.

    Personalized was an extremely fun and rewarding podcast to create. With some amazing guests like my own parents, Mike Gagne, Jessie Keeton, Kaitlyn Kilman, Charlotte Norup, and so much more! But I would be wrong if I did not give some major props to Surrey Hughes who founded Gravity Undone and gave me the freedom and advice it took to keep Personalize afloat. Then there is Abby Rose who damn near everyone loved. Abby came on the show towards the start of 2020 and she helped me beyond everything I could imagine. She is a great voice actress and working with her is a blast but this is not the end of our worship, more news on that sometime soon. Final status: Ending in 2021.

     That is pretty much it in the podcasting department. As for any novels or books, due to some very annoying events, like me moving out of state. My connection with Jumpmaster Press has become a thing. I do not want to say I am done writing books but until my craft is where I want it. I will not be releasing anymore for the foreseeable future.

As for events, I currently have no intentions of planning anything in this stage of life right now. Thank you so much for reading and getting caught up.

Stay tuned for more updates later this year.

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